Relentless Testimonials

"Even though he is one of the best trainers I know, his best quality is his ability to make every client he works with feel comfortable."

I’ve trained with Keith for over 3 years, and I’ve seen results from the beginning. Keith does a great job of pushing you to the max, but he understands that he can only push you as far as you want. His passion is something that stands out and I’ve seen him improve in his art from the time I met him. He is a student of the game and is constantly looking to improve and learn so that he can pass those teachings to his clients. I’ve witnessed first hand his growth from a trainer who would occasionally do yoga and flexibility/stability workouts to becoming a yoga instructor who has mastered an array of workouts depending on what his clients goals are. As hardworking and passionate as he is about his art he is just as humble and down to earth as a person. He has a vast amount of knowledge through all his years of studying and is eager to teach his clients so that they can succeed. Even though he is one of the best trainers I know, his best quality is his ability to make every client he works with feel comfortable.

- Aditya Gosala

His enthusiasm, energy, and encouragement are contagious. His desire to see each of his clients succeed, is the relentless pursuit, that drives him to a level of excellence in personal training that I have never experienced before.

- Matthew Hagee

For me, Keith is more than a trainer, he’s more of a life coach and a true friend his positivity and dedication to excellence is training with him I’ve lost a total of a little more than a year and I’m still at it. All in All, he’s had such an amazing impact on me and I know he’s got big plans coming!

- Jen Vara

I have never done any handstand or headstand in my life until I hired this young guy-Keith. Yes! He has the most enthusiastic environment and challenging way to train, he does not discriminate based on age. I’m 50 + and he has made me so strong and hungry to continue to grow my infinite fitness journey. If you are serious about changing your mediocre or average life, and want to become fit, hire this young guy and stick with him.

- Sandra Clark

“If you’re looking for a trainer to help change your life, look no further. Keith is your man. With his help, you’ll be able to do things you never imagined and you’ll have fun doing it. Don’t be misled though, he can guide you through your journey, but he can’t do the work for you. That’s up to you.” I was about to turn 52. I was overweight, lazy, and lacking in self confidence. All of which I never experienced before.A knee replacement, which was supposed to to give me back the life I loved struck me down like a bug hitting a windshield at 80 mph. I knew I needed help but I was too ashamed to ask. Then in May of 2018, I attended my brothers in law’s birthday and I met Keith. I knew he was a trainer because both my brother and brother in law worked out with him. I couldn’t believe how fit he was and even more so how kind he was. We spoke for a while and exercise was never brought up. 2 months passed and something clicked. I recognized that I was a bystander in this life and not a participant. I made the dreadful call to Keith and asked for help. I showed up for my appointment and he showed me around the gym and explained how he could help me, if I was willing to work. The next day I had my first session and I was scared. I’d never had a trainer before. I’d only done group exercise, so there was no way I could hide my shortcomings. It was difficult, but not so hard that I didn’t want to come back and I was sore. I couldn’t do a sit up, much less a push up and my Turkish get up was more like a Turkey slice! I don’t know how but he knows what I can do before I do and while he always pushes me to “level up,” he never pushes me beyond my abilities and recognizes the limitations of my knee. He likes to say. “It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable” and I know what that means. If things stay the same, nothing will ever change. The best thing about training with Keith is that we have fun. Since day one, there hasn’t been a session that we don’t bust up laughing. Why show up if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing? Fast forward a year and I can do all the aforementioned and then some! I’m almost 40 lbs. Lighter and I’m living life again. I was only able to do this because I had Keith by my side. His guidance, motivation, and knowledge, his passion and his kindness has helped me cross the bridge of self doubt. One of his favorite authors is Frederick Douglass, and his favorite quote is, “Without struggle there can be no progress. I know what this quote means because I lived it and so can you.

- Cynthia Martin

When I first met Keith I was in a very rough part of my life. I was depressed and horribly out of shape. Keith was very warm and welcoming. He asked me what I wanted from our sessions and I said I just want to feel better. He eased me into his functional strength training program and made it enjoyable so I wanted to come back. I’ve been with Keith for almost 2 years and in those two years I have grown significantly, both physically and mentally. I am the strongest I’ve ever been and my mental health has improved dramatically. I can now do things physically that were impossible 2 years ago thanks to Keith. I move better, my body doesn’t hurt or ache like it use to. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for his guidance and encouragement. I can not say enough good things about Keith. He is an expert in his field. I’m lucky to train with him and call him my friend.

- Tony Torres

Keith is the person in my life I never thought I needed. Playing college tennis, I knew how to train and the intensity it takes. But having graduated I lacked the motivation and what was good and bad for my body type. As soon as we started, he adapted the sessions to what I needed to work on and he has made me fall in love with working out. What’s even better, is the sessions are fun. I push myself whilst laughing so hard my belly hurts. His knowledge of the body and his passion for helping people achieve their goals shines. He’s a goofball, but he’s the most loyal and hardworking goofball I know and this is why I look forward to the sessions every week:)

- Olivia Battye

What makes Keith stand out from other trainers is not just his ability to create individualized programs for his clients, but the vast knowledge he is able to convey about the body and what it needs for optimal performance and injury prevention.

- Meshach Cummings

You can find a personal trainer, or you can find Keith. If you want to be successful at anything, whether it’s in a relationship, business, family, nutrition or fitness, what you need is consistency and accountability. Keith undoubtedly brings that every session. Not just a trainer but as a good friend.

- Alexis Garcia

Keith began training my husband and daughter in 2016. My daughter left to college, and he continued training my husband. In 2018, Keith began training my son and still does to this day. In October 2020, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. After the first and second rounds of radiation and chemo, Keith would come to our home twice a week to train my husband. My husband looked forward to Keith coming over every session and he was relentless till he passed away in April 2023. I believe that Keith’s dedication to my husband’s health extended his life, and I will forever be grateful to Keith. That is where my story begins. In June of 2023 I needed inspiration and motivation. I was the only one left in the family Keith had not trained. I needed to change my grief into energy, so I reached out to him, and we began training with two 30-minute sessions a week. I am now training 2.5 hours 3 times a week. Not only has Keith been good for my physical health but my mental health. Keith pushes me to a be a stronger person mentally and physically. Yes, I work extremely hard when we are training, but we also have fun, we laugh and tell stories and I like to think we push each other to be physically and mentally stronger. Keith isn’t only my trainer; he is my friend and he is family.

- Melissa Phillips

Keith is truly an exceptional basketball trainer. His passion for the game, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience, make him one of the best in San Antonio. Keith has a unique ability to connect with me and understand my individual needs, allowing him to make training programs to help me reach my full potential. His attention to detail and commitment to helping me improve sets him apart from other trainers. His enthusiasm and energy always makes workouts fun. Keith's dedication to his craft and his unwavering belief in the potential in me makes him a great trainer to any athlete.

- Adam Berg